Are you vegan friendly?


Are your Hand Protector and Handwashes still effective even after handwashing?

Our byebyebad™ Natural Hand Protector sinks into pores and washing doesn’t impact its effectiveness. The more applications on the hands, the more potent it becomes.

Our handwash is the only byebyebad product that is not left on skin for long. However, because a product of this nature is often used multiple times in a day, our active ingredients (e.g. Bioactive Totarol™) are getting the opportunity to get on the skin more often and therefore can still be effective at targeting bacteria and nourishing hands.

Are your products effective?

Yes! Rest assured that when you choose byebyebad™, you are selecting a trusted product that has been thoughtfully designed to meet your needs with effective ingredients and evidence to back up any claims made.

Are your raw ingredients tested on animals?

No, neither our hero ingredient Totatol™ or any of our ingredients are tested on animals.

Do you test on animals?

No, never.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Sustainability is a core pillar for byebyebad™, especially since we are rooted in nature with our hero ingredient Bioactive Totarol™. All current products are made of recycled milk bottles and are recyclable. Our cartons are made with FSC cardboard and are 100% recyclable.

What accreditations do you have?

  1. Our hero ingredient Bioactive Totarol™ is sustainably sourced and Certified Organic by BIOGRO New Zealand
  2. We have a tree planting program with Trees That Count and plant 5,000 per year
  3. We are identifying our carbon emissions through CarbonTrail and working towards reducing offsetting them
  4. We are working towards Toitu certifications
  5. We are working towards B Corp certifications

What if I have sensitive skin?

byebyebad™ products (apart from the Mouth Refresher & Hand Wash) have been dermatologically tested. They are safe to use on sensitive skin, including children, but please do a patch test for 24 hours to ensure our products will work for you, if you have any concerns or find you react easily. The Mouth Refresher is not tested as it is not a dermatological area of the body. The Hand Wash doesn’t warrant testing due to the short amount of time that it is left on skin for.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

We combine the purity of locally-sourced elements with carefully selected ingredients from around the globe.

Where are your products made?

byebyebad™ product formulations, packaging, manufacturing  and brand are designed and made in New Zealand. 

Why are your products not 100% natural?

Our products use ingredients sourced from nature, but in order to ensure the shelf life of the products, a very small amount of preservative needs to be added to the formulations. All our formulations are free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, petrochemicals and silicones.

Why have you chosen these ingredients for the byebyebad™ range?

Bioactive Totarol™ is known to be most effective as a leave-on product or where it can penetrate the skin for maximum efficacy. It also works synergistically with other ingredients, so our talented chemists have developed the range with this in mind.

You claim to be alcohol free but you have Benzyl Alcohol in some of your products? What is this?

Benzyl Alcohol occurs in nature in many essential oils and plants, and it is used as an effective liquid preservative for skincare. So although it belongs to the alcohol family, its physical forms and properties are very different to say ethyl alcohol that we find in beer, wine and hand sanitisers for instance.  When we say alcohol free, we are referring to common alcohol, which is used in cosmetics, but can cause reactions. Although benzyl alcohol is technically an alcohol, it is not classified as a drying or denatured alcohol like ethanol or isopropyl alcohol, which are commonly associated with skin irritation and dryness.

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